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1-August 2012 -- Sports White Board Applications Updated

  • Sandcrater Software releases updated Sports WhiteBoard iOS applications

    Ithaca, New York - Auguat 1, 2012 – Sandcrater Software is pleased to announce the release of an updated version (2.0) of their Sports white board applications for iOS. These applications provide sports coaches at all levels with the ability to use their iOS device as a dry erase white board with players and images that can be moved around a playing surface. The current suite of white board apps includes support for the sports of hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, field hockey and lacrosse.
  • “The sports white board apps started as a simple way to get younger players to focus on player movement and positioning,” says Ron DiNapoli, owner of Sandcrater Software. “Kids in that age bracket tend to lose interest when drawing a bunch of lines on a (physical) white board. When using an electronic device with players that can be dragged around the surface, they have a much better attention span.” Originally released in March of 2009, the suite of sports white board applications has been used at all levels of competition – from early youth through collegiate and semi-professional.
  • Version 2.0 of the sports white board applications provide better graphics, support for saving team information and white board state locally and to Apple’s iCloud service, the ability to pinch/zoom/rotate the playing field and a refined user interface among other features.
  • Hockey WhiteBoard sells for $1.99 and may be viewed in the AppStore at:
  • Other white board applications may be accessed by visiting the Hockey WhiteBoard application page in iTunes and choosing the “Related” tab.
  • Contact:

    Ron DiNapoli
    dba/Sandcrater Software
    1385 Mecklenburg Rd, Ithaca, NY 14850
    Ph: (607) 319-4100