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Let us help you with your projects!

Consulting Capabilities

Consulting help is available for all stages of software development and mobile strategy projects.

Review our expertise page for information about where our experience lies and how we can possibly help you.

We can consult on a corp-to-corp basis or Ron is available for W2 consulting work as well.

Have questions? Use our contact us page to get in touch. We are always happy to talk!

All About Consulting

When looking for a consultant for your project, you are looking for someone who already has an established level of expertise in one or more specific areas. This can be especially cost effective when your project only requires this expertise for a short period of time. In this case, hiring a consultant is a better proposition than hiring permanent staff or training existing staff in that area of expertise. The professionals at Sandcrater Software have expertise in a variety of programming and programming-related disciplines. See our expertise page for more detailed information.

Mobile Application Development/Mobile Device Strategy
First and foremost, Sandcrater Software specializes in iOS development using Objective-C and Xcode. While we are aware of the abilities of HTML5 based mobile applications, we see an increasing number of mobile applications that have eschewed the HTML5 basis and embraced a dual platform (iOS/Android) native application approach. Acknowledging that the Android ecosystem is maturing to the point where developing apps is a viable strategy, Sandcrater is beginning the process of coming up to speed on this technology as well.
Programming Languages
Our ability to master native application development comes from years of experience (going back to the 1980s!) in programming in the C and C++ languages. Ron has taught the C++ programming course at Cornell University since 1999 as has also taught an intro to Java course as well. C/C++ is the basis for many of the languages we use today, so having such a solid foundation here is vital to being able to adapt to the nuances of other languages (such as Java and Objective-C) rooted in C.
IT Leadership
Ron has served as a product manager for multiple software packages during his time working for small companies in the 1990s. After joining the central IT organization at Cornell, he also gained expertise in various forms of IT Leadership--both in supervising a team of programmers as well as helping to set IT direction through the use of Software/Enterprise architecture efforts as well as strategic planning sessions relative to specific technologies. Ron's time as a Deputy IT Director (as well as an Acting IT Director) at Cornell helped him gain experience in working with diverse groups of stakeholders and helping to balance the need for consensus with the need for progress!
In addition to Ron's experience at the central IT organization at Cornell he also has had the honor of teaching Cornell's C++ programming course since 1999 as well as leading an "Advanced Projects in Game Design" course for two semesters and teaching an intro to Java course for one semester.